Declaration of accessibility

General information

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its
website in accordance with the provisions of the law of April 4, 2019 on the digital accessibility
of digital websites and mobile applications of public entities. The statement
on accessibility applies to the website
Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • Date of website publication:
  • Date of last significant update:

Status in terms of compliance with the Act

The website is partially consistent with the Digital Accessibility Act for public entity websites and mobile applications because of the inconsistencies or exclusions listed below. Providing accessibility would impose an undue burden on the public entity.

Content not available

Movies do not have subtitles for people with hearing disabilities.
Images do not have alternative text.
The site does not have keyboard shortcuts for navigating through elements of the site.
The site does not have sign language interpreter functionality via electronic communication.
The site does not have information about the inability to use sign language interpreter functionality via electronic communication.

Preparing an accessibility statement

  • Declaration made on:

The declaration is based on a self-assessment conducted by the public entity.

Feedback and contact information

The following are responsible for processing comments and applications: Marcin Byczyński, e-mail:

Everyone has the right:

  • comment on the accessibility of a digital site or feature,
  • Submit a request to ensure the digital accessibility of a page or element of a page,
  • Request that the unavailable information be made available in another alternative form.


The request must include:

  • contact details of the reporting person,
  • an indication of the party or element of the party to which the request relates,
  • An indication of the convenient form in which the information can be made available, if the request is for information that is not available in an alternative form.

The request should be processed immediately, at the latest within 7 days. If it is not possible to provide access within this period, or to provide access in an alternative form, this will be done within 2 months of the date of notification at the latest.

Complaints and appeals

If a public entity refuses to comply with a request for accessibility or an alternative means of accessing information, the requesting party may file a complaint regarding the accessibility of a digital website, mobile application, or element of a website or mobile application. After exhausting the above procedure, a request may also be submitted to the Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

Building C
Address: Ogrody Campus Administration, 89 Szamarzewskiego St., 60-568 Poznań

Building Manager: Agnieszka Kowalska M.A. (Tel. 618292230, email: , )

Description: There is 1 parking place for people with disabilities near the entrance to the building – about 50m from the main entrance.

The entrance to the building has stairs equipped with handrails and a ramp for people in wheelchairs. The doors do not open automatically. They are scheduled to be refurbished during the 2019/2020 holiday season.

Inside the building:

There are elevators serving parts of the building up to level 2,
there is 1 disabled accessible toilet located on level -1 (basement),
There is an elevator with voice announcements, but no Braille buttons.
The information system for people with sensory disabilities includes Braille and QR code signs installed on the doors to the rooms.

An assistance dog can enter the facility, but with restrictions on rooms where pets are excluded due to health and safety regulations.

Building website:,

Contact details for porter or other information/assistance personnel:

Tel: 61 829 22 40

Collegium Heliodori Swiecicki
Address: Grunwaldzka 6, 60-780 Poznań

Building manager: Bernardeta Masewicz, MA, , mobile: 519 340 587

Description: Near the entrance to the building from Grunwaldzka Street there are 2 parking spaces for people with disabilities – about 30m from the entrance.

Main entrance to the building:

has stairs equipped with handrails,
It has an automatically opening door (from level 0 next to the main entrance),
the building has a second entrance from the courtyard, where there is 1 parking place for people with disabilities, located approx. 20m from the automatically opening elevator door.
Inside the building:

there are 8 toilets adapted for people with disabilities on levels -1 to 2 floors,
There are elevators with voice announcements, but without Braille buttons, which serve almost all levels and parts of the building.
The information system for people with sensory disabilities includes:

inductophone loops installed in rooms 024a and 024b and in the auditorium for people with hearing disabilities,
room number plates in Braille installed on the doors to the rooms.
It is possible to enter the building with an assistance dog without any restrictions (based on the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities).

The building does not have its own website. The facility has various offices and departments that have their own websites.

Contact details of the reception or other persons providing information/assistance: tel. 61 829 12 30

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