October 2021
Oct 21
21 October 2021
Ellen Bialystok: How Bilingualism Changes Minds
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All our experiences contribute to the way our minds and brains develop, but intense experiences have a special role in shaping our cognitive systems. No experience is more intense than […]

November 2021
Nov 18
18 November 2021
Judith Kroll: Two sides of bilingualism: A lens to the cognitive neuroscience of language and a reflection of our social world
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December 2021
Dec 09
09 December 2021
Jean-Marc Dewaele: Emotional resonance and embodiment of multilinguals’ languages
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January 2022
Jan 20
20 January 2022
Antonella Sorace: Reassessing gradient variation in models of grammar and bilingualism
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March 2022
Mar 03
03 March 2022
Marit Westergaard: Multilingualism and crosslinguistic influence as coactivation
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Mar 31
31 March 2022
Li Wei: Translanguaging language and education
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April 2022
Apr 28
28 April 2022
Theo Marinis: Multilingual child language acquisition: Comparing the development of the heritage and the majority language
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May 2022
May 12
12 May 2022
Simone Pfenninger: Becoming bilingual later in life: Thoughts on affective and cognitive between- and within-person variability
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